Aseem Kishore

Joining Even

After five wonderful years, I left FiftyThree this past month to pursue something new. I’m grateful for the incredible experience.

For my next adventure, I’m excited to share that I’ll be joining the team at Even Responsible Finance!

Even photo

Even is a tech startup aiming to fight income inequality. From the job post that drew me in:

77 million Americans work for an hourly wage. Their median income is $34,142… These Americans spend $100 billion every year just to make ends meet. They lose 10-30% of their income to things like payday loans, overdraft fees, and late bill fees. It is expensive to be poor.

Even wants to fix that, by building tech to help everyone — not just the wealthy — manage money better.

But importantly, Even is not a non-profit; it’s a legitimate business with great potential. The result is aligned incentives; awesome.

There’s much more I can say about Even, but I’ll save that ’til some more things are public. Some exciting things are in the works… =)

In the meantime, if you could use some help saving or managing your money, try the app and let me know what you think!

Even mobile apps

Even is headquartered in Oakland, CA, so with this new role, I’ll also be moving to the Bay Area! Let me know if you’re there.

And if Even’s mission resonates, the team is still hiring, across many disciplines. Maybe we can work together. =)

Thanks again to FiftyThree for a great five years, and here’s to hopefully the next five with Even!