Aseem Kishore

The post is mightier

Please excuse the construction in this humble corner of the web.

Farewell, Even

I left Even after four incredible years of learning & growth. This was the note I shared internally to express my gratitude.

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How we interview engineers at Even

This was a blog post I wrote at Even on our approach to interviewing, the tradeoffs we made, and why we made them.

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Joining Even

After five wonderful years, I left FiftyThree this past month to pursue something new. I'm grateful for the incredible experience.

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Intro to CoffeeScript

I'm a big fan of CoffeeScript. Daniel and I built all of Thingdom in it, and we at FiftyThree are building our next product entirely in it, as well.

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Neo4j lessons learned

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to write a nice blog post about The Thingdom’s tech stack. Alas, that still hasn’t happened.

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The making of

I promised to share my thoughts and ideas here, and what better way to begin than to share the code behind this blog itself?

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Joining FiftyThree

Eighteen months ago, I left Microsoft to start The Thingdom. That journey officially ended this week, and a new one has begun.

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Introducing: The Thingdom

I’m very excited to finally unveil what I’ve been working on for the past few months! I’ll start with the story.

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Hello, web

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a website to call my own. That’s certainly ironic, given that I call myself a web developer.

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